Leon Bianco Hotel - Historic Palace San Gimignano - Weekend Chianti

Evocative ancient walls

The Palazzo

Medieval spirit
The 3-star Hotel Leon Bianco is located in the palazzo of the Cortesi-Lolli which was built in the 15th century but with much earlier origins. 

In fact, our hotel is an integral part of the defensive walls of San Gimignano which were built in the 9th century to protect the city, from the Piazza del Duomo to Piazza della Cisterna. This is where our story begins, between old shops and the palazzi of powerful feudal lords.

  • From past to present

    The Palazzo Cortesi-Lolli has welcomed many families through history. That’s why our services at Leon Bianco combine the qualities of a hotel with the warm atmosphere of home. Welcome to San Gimignano.

  • A 15th-century touch

    It was probably this Cortesi family who made significant changes to the building, placing some 15th-century style on the medieval architecture. The walls alternate between stone and brick, and the interiors were given vaulted ceilings, exposed arches, and terracotta floors. This mingling of different techniques and materials bears witness to the long history of the home of Hotel Leon Bianco.

  • Residence of noble families

    Wealthy and noble families settled within this commercial core of the city. The palazzo that houses our hotel was part of the fiefdom of the Cattani family, wealthy owners of houses and towers, and of the Gregorios, important San Gimignano lords in the communal age. From 1448 to the late seventeenth century, the building was in the Cortesi family, originally from Pavia.

  • A piazza steeped in history

    Piazza della Cisterna is one of the oldest squares in San Gimignano. Its name comes from the octagonal well in the center - the cisterna – which was made in 1273 from travertine. The square had been known by other names: Piazza delle Taverne, as travelers would stop here to change horses, and Piazza dell'Olmo, after an impressive tree that once stood here.

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